Conessence Terrafloor Terrazzo Effect

Terrafloor’s terrazzo flooring is highly cherished by connoisseurs of classic and refined solutions. Featuring a lustrous and elegant surface, as well as remarkable durability, this product is an excellent choice for both residential interiors and public areas, especially within historic edifices.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a variety of formal and elegant spaces, particularly within historic buildings. Terrafloor’s decorative and multi-coloured polished screeds are the ideal solution for floors subject to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis.

System Description

TERRAFLOOR is a British system of slim-layer ornamental flooring, expertly polished with diamond pads to create a high-quality terrazzo-like finish. It consists of meticulously chosen components, including high-performance cements, basalt and quartz aggregates, polymers, pigments, and various other elements to enhance its durability. The flooring resembles marble or granite and showcases outstanding performance attributes. It is resistant to wear, staining, and UV radiation, maintaining a fresh appearance even after numerous years of use. To achieve a long-lasting glossy appearance, we recommend using Bautech Nanotechnology products, including sealers and polishing agents, which penetrate the flooring’s structure, providing extra reinforcement.

The TERRAFLOOR product range offers options with basalt or quartz aggregates, as well as microTerraFloor solutions featuring fine quartz aggregate. These are obtainable with matrices in a wide array of colours, providing extensive possibilities for interior design.

It is essential for the TERRAFLOOR system to be installed by proficient flooring specialists utilizing advanced equipment.

TERRAFLOOR (terrazzo) represents a premium flooring option renowned for its exceptional durability. Nevertheless, when opting for this choice, it is imperative to ensure that it is administered by skilled contractors equipped with the appropriate tools to achieve the best possible outcomes.