Polished Concrete

An ideal choice for builders in search of top-tier polished concrete flooring boasting a mirror-like or satin finish and exceptional resistance to abrasion. The distinctive appearance and texture of the CONESSENCE system render it a fitting option for spaces necessitating innovative solutions that are simultaneously robust and long-lasting. Polished concrete floors perfectly complement post-industrial or loft-style interiors, creating a striking visual of pristine, minimalist concrete. Thanks to its impressive technical attributes, including strength, scratch resistance, and ease of maintenance, this product finds versatile applicability across various settings.

Suitable for use in residential areas and public establishments such as shopping centres, airports, railway stations, car dealerships, places of worship, restaurants, and offices. Designed for areas that may occasionally come into contact with water, known as “wet areas.”


Our system is specially crafted for the application of exclusive decorative coatings on various substrates. This cutting-edge product incorporates polymers, sturdy aggregates, high-performance cements, pigments, and appropriate additives to assure the superior quality of the coating. It offers a broad spectrum of colours, thanks to the utilisation of liquid pigments. Microcement can be utilised to generate coatings with a thickness of 1.5 mm, virtually indistinguishable from architectural or decorative concrete. However, unlike these materials, it doesn’t produce dust. The surface created through this technology exhibits resilience against abrasion and scratches and is easy to maintain. It is also fire and UV radiation-resistant, ensuring there is no yellowing. Microcement is designed exclusively for indoor applications. The application of microcement should be carried out by skilled professionals. Our system advantages:

Suggested for enhancing the walls and decorative elements in public spaces and residential interiors.


Terrafloor’s terrazzo flooring is highly cherished by connoisseurs of classic and refined solutions. Featuring a lustrous and elegant surface, as well as remarkable durability, this product is an excellent choice for both residential interiors and public areas, especially within historic edifices.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a variety of formal and elegant spaces, particularly within historic buildings. Terrafloor’s decorative and multi-coloured polished screeds are the ideal solution for floors subject to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis.

Stamped Concrete

Our stamped concrete represents an unconventional approach to crafting ornamental pavements for both outdoor and indoor settings. When in the hands of an architect or designer, concrete transforms into a versatile medium, capable of harmonizing with the character and ambiance of various architectural styles, spanning from classical to the most contemporary. Utilizing this technology, concrete can seamlessly mimic the appearance of river stones, sandstone, granite blocks, bricks, or simulate a broad array of diverse materials, including Welsh shale, Roman pavers, and decking boards. Moreover, surfaces adorned with Pressbeton exhibit exceptional durability.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for surface finishing in car parks, footpaths, and ramps. Thanks to its decorative potential, it is also a preferred choice for enhancing the appearance of both commercial and residential spaces.