Stamped Concrete


PRESSBETON® represents an unconventional approach to crafting ornamental pavements for both outdoor and indoor settings. When in the hands of an architect or designer, concrete transforms into a versatile medium, capable of harmonizing with the character and ambiance of various architectural styles, spanning from classical to the most contemporary. Utilizing this technology, concrete can seamlessly mimic the appearance of river stones, sandstone, granite blocks, bricks, or simulate a broad array of diverse materials, including Welsh shale, Roman pavers, and decking boards. Moreover, surfaces adorned with Pressbeton exhibit exceptional durability.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for surface finishing in car parks, footpaths, and ramps. Thanks to its decorative potential, it is also a preferred choice for enhancing the appearance of both commercial and residential spaces.

System Description

The secret behind PRESSBETON® technology is the artful stamping of a specific pattern onto a meticulously prepared and coloured surface of fresh concrete. When paired with a suitable sub-base and concrete slab, this method bestows the pavement with the ability to bear heavy loads. The surface materials (hardener and sealer) contribute to creating a pavement that is resilient to wear and tear, impervious to moisture, resistant to freezing and thawing, and effortless to keep clean.

A well-constructed pavement ensures it can support a wide range of loads, from small cars to heavyweight trucks, buses, and more, making it a compelling alternative to the mundane uniformity of cobblestones and the drabness of plain concrete. Moreover, the ability to apply it as a thin layer (10–15 mm) on top of existing concrete surfaces opens up possibilities for innovative interior design concepts.