Polished Concrete

Conessence Ultima

An ideal choice for builders in search of top-tier polished concrete flooring boasting a mirror-like or satin finish and exceptional resistance to abrasion. The distinctive appearance and texture of the CONESSENCE ULTIMA system render it a fitting option for spaces necessitating innovative solutions that are simultaneously robust and long-lasting. Polished concrete floors perfectly complement post-industrial or loft-style interiors, creating a striking visual of pristine, minimalist concrete. Thanks to its impressive technical attributes, including strength, scratch resistance, and ease of maintenance, this product finds versatile applicability across various settings.

System Description

CONESSENCE ULTIMA represents a slim-layer solution for crafting exclusive, meticulously trowelled, and finely polished concrete flooring. This system comprises polymers, robust aggregates, high-performance cements, along with thoughtfully chosen additives and pigments. It facilitates the achievement of a lustrous, vibrant, and sleek surface, bearing a marble-like texture that imparts a captivating illusion of depth and unique shading.

Decorative floors produced through the Ultima technology exhibit remarkable durability, exceptional hardness, and impressive resistance to scratches and impacts. They are effortlessly maintained and cleaned. These floors do not emit or collect dust or other contaminants, rendering them ideal for environments intended for children and individuals with allergies.

The installed flooring can withstand foot traffic after a mere 24 hours, while it attains its full performance characteristics after 28 days.

Floors crafted through the ULTIMA system are applied by proficient flooring specialists employing state-of-the-art equipment.