Creativo Wall Microcement

CREATIVO WALL is a slender-layer system specially crafted for the application of exclusive decorative coatings on various substrates. This cutting-edge product incorporates polymers, sturdy aggregates, high-performance cements, pigments, and appropriate additives to assure the superior quality of the coating. It offers a broad spectrum of colours, thanks to the utilisation of liquid pigments. Microcement can be utilised to generate coatings with a thickness of 1.5 mm, virtually indistinguishable from architectural or decorative concrete. However, unlike these materials, it doesn’t produce dust.

The surface created through this technology exhibits resilience against abrasion and scratches and is easy to maintain. It is also fire and UV radiation-resistant, ensuring there is no yellowing. CREATIVO WALL is designed exclusively for indoor applications.

The application of CREATIVO microcement should be carried out by skilled professionals.

The BAUTECH CREATIVO WALL system comprises:


CREATIVO WALL represents a groundbreaking product tailored for enhancing contemporary, prominent public spaces and residential interiors. It is also highly recommended for spaces susceptible to water exposure, making it a suitable choice for “wet areas” such as bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, spas, and shower enclosures.


CREATIVO microcement is engineered to accommodate an extensive array of base materials. It can be applied to craft ornamental finishes on walls, plasterboards, plaster, wood, and metal surfaces.