Aluminium windows and doors London

At Conessence, we're thrilled to provide top-notch aluminium windows and doors that cater to various home and business needs.
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Casement Aluminium windows

Casement windows that swing open outward and comes with a thermal break feature.
With our system, you can craft a variety of outdoor architectural elements like fixed windows, outward-opening windows, entrance areas, storefront windows, and even spacious structures.
One of the best parts? They offer excellent warmth, noise insulation, and are watertight and airtight. Not only does it help save energy and protect our environment, but the quality of windows made using our casement system even surpasses some of the toughest regulations out there!

Bifold door

Bifold doors that open to the outdoors are a game-changer. They grant homeowners and businesses unparalleled flexibility, enabling them to fully embrace pleasant weather.
These doors virtually erase the line between a building's interior and the world outside. Whether you're looking to extend your living room onto a sunlit patio or seamlessly connect a restaurant or café to its seasonal outdoor seating, bifold doors are the answer.
This isn't just any bifold door solution; it's a blend of functionality and sophistication. Its daily operation is a breeze, offering unmatched comfort. But it's not just about ease of use. These doors boast impressive technical specifications and can be tailored to grand architectural visions. Whether you prefer your doors to swing outwards or inwards, or need the panels arranged in a specific manner, this product has got you covered. Crafted with precision, our system is engineered to satisfy the meticulous requirements of homeowners, architects, and property developers. It's where innovation meets aesthetics.

Sliding door

When you opt for our sliding and slide-folding doors, you're inviting the beauty of the outdoors right into your living space.
Imagine transforming an entire wall into a gateway to the outside world, flooding your home with natural light and fresh air. This not only cultivates a sense of openness and serenity but also showcases the picturesque views of your garden and the scenic beauty beyond.
It's more than just a door; it's an experience that bridges your indoor sanctuary with the wonders of nature.